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About Me

Michele Cardamone Photography is a small Aspen-based business where the priority is capturing stunning and creative images with hands-on personal follow up service to ensure beautiful prints and books for your home. 



I am an Aspen based photographer whose spirit soars when biking, hiking and skiing in the majestic mountains of Colorado. I am a wife and mother of three children who have become very tolerant to the constant presence of a camera. We escape to our cabin in the backcountry whenever we can to be reminded of the beauty of quiet moments and the importance of unplugged family time.

When not with my family or friends my favorite moments are when I have my Nikon camera in my hands and I’m taking portraits. I like messy hair, wind and stormy weather. I don’t like things to be perfect and I prefer the unscripted moment. I search for what is real. I hate to admit it but coordinating colors really work. But so do mismatched outfits and funky and fun clothes. Fashion photography has always intrigued me and style is an important component of my work.

My mission is to shoot as raw and natural as possible. I find that my best work is produced during the in-between moments when I capture an honest glance, a revealing expression or a candid smile. I love movement. The photos that mean the most to me are the ones that visually tell a story. My family photos are strong because of the interaction amongst the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

I love my studio at the AABC but the outdoors is always my first choice. My goal is to capture hauntingly beautiful photographs that are visually interesting, always creative and compelling to all that view them.

My clients often become my friends.